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Instrumental Soloists for Pure Simplicity

Sometimes a single instrumentalist is all that is needed for a small, intimate ceremony or reception. In those cases we suggest going with the only instrumentation that can present the music of a solo performance in the most pleasing way: those instruments are piano, guitar or harp. When In the hands of the right musicians, these polyphonic instruments can offer musical arrangements that contain melody as well as chords of accompaniment. With the ability to create multiple notes of music simultaneously, these instruments will provide complete performances of your music selections with a full sound that will capture the essence of the intended music as well as the audience.

Our soloists are highly skilled in this specialized style of playing that is unique to only a select group of musicians and they have the sensibility to know what music will work well in this setting. We will assist you ahead of time by suggesting the instrument and musician that will fit your preferred style of music. We will also help in the planning process to ensure that any specific song selections will work in the setting of your chosen instrumentation for maximum effect and to make just the right impression with you and with your guests on the big day.

Call us now to tell us all about your special occasion and to discuss how our soloists will set the tone for your wedding ceremony, cocktail reception or intimate dinner party. We're waiting to hear from you!

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